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Fair Observer – Writing, Editing, Social Media [2020 – 2021]

  • Fair Observer is a US based media organization. For Far Observer, I wrote articles, edited articles and managed the CEO’s and the organisation’s Twitter account. Please visit the Fair Observer page for further details.

The Cathedral News Editor [2021]

  • I am the editor of “The Cathedral News”, my school newsletter. The editor role entails editing articles, overseeing all written work for the newsletter, and personally interviewing eminent personalities such as the Dean of Harvard Business School.
  • Introduced a literary section in “The Cathedral News” to give students a new platform for creative expression.

Encore School Magazine Editor [2020]

  • I was the editor of “Encore”, the annual Cathedral and John Connon school music festival magazine.
  • Role entailed planning the magazine, getting writers to submit pieces, editing, layout, pictures, etc.

Director of the International Press Corps at the Cathedral Model United Nations [2021]

  • I was the Director of the International Press Corps at the 2021 Cathedral Model United Nations.
  • Role entailed overseeing and heading committee proceedings, as well as having the final say in discussions on agenda, awards, etc.

Assistant Director for Press at the Cathedral Model United Nations [2020]

  • I was the First Assistant Director for the International Press Corps at the 2020 Cathedral Model United Nations.
  • Tasks involve writing the Press corps study guide – which analyses issues plaguing the journalistic world and considers various solutions – synthesizing crises and overlooking committee proceedings.

Personal Blog – A Pen. A Paper [2011 Onwards]

  • I started my personal blog (www.rheadavinci.com) at the age of 7. I published my short stories, poems, etc on this blog.
  • Later I refurbished it as a socio-political blog called “A Pen. A Paper”. I write about socio-political issues that have impacted me.
  • Recent issues covered – police brutality in America, analysis of the Indian stimulus package, the Chinese demographic crisis.

Doggie Vogue – The Welfare of Stray Dogs [2021]

  • Welfare of Stray Dogs is a Mumbai based Non-Government Organization [NGO] that takes care of stray cats and dogs.
  • I co-created a website and magazine to promote adoption of stray dogs. The online magazine explains how to adopt a dog. It also discusses behavior of dogs at the shelter and dogs that have been adopted.
  • I am currently a part of a team that is creating an Instagram page to promote dog adoption.

Finalist at “100 Thousand Poets for Change” Poetry Competition [2020]

  • “100 Thousand Poets for Change” (100TPC) is an international 501c3 non-profit organization focusing on the arts, especially poetry, music, and the literary arts. 100 Thousand Poets for Change organizes literary events in almost 100 countries.
  • The India chapter of 100TPC held a poetry competition in 2021. The theme was “Love is a many-splendoured thing”. My poem was among the finalists and it was chosen to be read at the event.

Cathedral News and Cathedralite [2018 – 2021]

  • I have been a regular contributor to the school newspaper and magazine.

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