Community Service

Rhea's Community Service for stray dogs in Mumbai

The Welfare of Stray Dogs (WSD) [2018-2021]

  • Volunteered with the Welfare of Stray Dogs in Mumbai for over three years. I have written articles to promote their cause alongside volunteering at the dog shelter to walk and feed the dogs.
  • I originated and carried through solution to the issue of feeding strays amidst the Covid-19 lockdown through the medium of the Mumbai police (approval was granted).

Doggie Vogue – The Welfare of Stray Dogs [2021]

  • Co-created a website and magazine that promotes the adoption of dogs.
  • The magazine delves into the adoption process as well as the behavior of dogs at the shelter and dogs that have been adopted. Part of a team that is creating an Instagram page to promote dog adoption.

Yasham Foundation [2020]

  • Yasham Foundation is a Mumbai based NGO that is working in the field of education. It provides quality education to underprivileged children.
  • Volunteered with the Yasham Foundation to teach students mathematics and English in an online medium.

Habitat for Humanity – Fundraising

  • Raised over 50,000 rupees for the Habitat for Humanity foundation for providing hygiene kits to those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.